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Nothing overly sexual about it other then a little self play. There is no sex, no cumming, just a simple discovery of who a man is compared to what he thinks he is and the woman who brings it out of him. Please, comment, bad good indifferent.

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Anger, embarrassment, and reluctance were there as well; but you push them aside. But, you strangely have no desire to leave. Ah, there it is, that smooth charming smile and the expected line.

You reach for the collar mustress a trembling hand. You balk a little, giving me a sideways glance to look me over before you do as you're told.

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I know that in your world, weakness to a woman is the highest crime. You mistress adrianna, not quite believing me, and I know I will indeed have to punish you soon. You pause, confused, looking so adorable. Some part of you hates the idea of upsetting me. You are And you do want to please me.

Mistress adrianna

But, I watch, inwardly mistrdss, as your strong hands ball into fists as you rearrange yourself properly. As you close the collar around your neck, and push the tiny, yet strong, lock closed, I cry out with joy mentally.

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Pulling my hand away, I reach into my purse and pull out the final test. I wait to see which emotion will win. Your hand drops to your side as you wait.

Mistress adrianna

This small action betrays your anger, both at me for shaming you and yourself for displeasing me. You can't help but marvel at it as you watch me slip out of the car and walk around to your door. I just smile softly and point to my feet. There is no sex, no cumming, just a simple discovery of who a man is compared to what he thinks crossdressing escort fylde is and the woman who brings it out of him.

With seeming nonchalance, I look up from my book and mistress adrianna back.

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A light flick of the leash sends your eyes forward once more. You are now one step closer to being mine. Setting the collar on the center console between us and wait. Opening it, I reach into mistress adrianna purse again, this time to pull out a escorts scranton chain to attach to the small ring at the front of your collar.

For gone is the easy conquest you thought you had found. Not break, for then I'll get bored. You follow me into the the hoe, confused as to how you have gotten yourself into this.

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You start to let me into the passenger side, but my frown makes you pause, hand on the handle. Or, you can decline and I'll take you home. Before you can open your mouth to ask me home, I cut you off. The perfectly shaped head is shiny with the early s of your excitement.

But you haven't been happy. You know what you want and you treat me how I want to be treated.

Mistress adrianna

I can tell by your silence that you find this "change" to your liking. I'm not for punishing, but I will if you cross the line or forget my rules. This comes as no surprise to me though.

Mistress adrianna

I know I'm being harsh, but, a harsh lesson is easier to remember then a light one. Yet, minutes pass, long and nerve wracking, and I wonder if you will tell me.

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Predictably, the ones you share are the same as most men; two women, public places, anal, older women, younger women. A specially made collar, bearing your name on a tag on the leather, dangers from two of my fingers.

I've have watched you for even longer then you've been watching me. I remain calm, reassuring you, but inside, I'm waiting with baited breath. You're eyes light up mietress I know you're hard.

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We say the appropriate things, do the expected flirtations and small talk. But, you see a tastefully done home in soft colors and real wood. But, I will not tolerate such forgetfulness of one of my first rules. I can already taste and feel that adranna cock.

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After a tense moment, you slide into the seat and I bite back a cry of triumph. I know you are going to try and get me to fall over myself for you like mistrses the others have before me. You look at it, indignant anger rising in your face.